Grey Arabian stallion rearing in the field at sunrise in the mist


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After more than a year break, during which Covid overturned our previous lives upside down, I was finally able to update the page. The previous year, despite the problems posed by the pandemic restrictions, was very fruitful for me. I didn’t go abroad, but I visited many new, beautiful places in Poland, I met wonderful people and amazing horses. One of them was undoubtedly the Arabian stallion Barbarossa. I visited him at the For Pleasure stable in Werchlis three times and I still want more! But that is a topic for a separate story. In the meantime, I cordially invite you to see new photos in the galleries: ANDALUSIANS, ARABIANS, FRIESIANS, LIPIZZANERS, LUSITANOS, SHIRES AND CLYDESDALES, TINKERS and TRAKEHNES, as well as to viste new galleries: DETAILS, CRUZADO, PONIES and FALABELLA PONIES!

Spring portrait of cruzado horse under blossoming tree

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