Catherine and her Gypsy Cobs

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So far I have written here mainly about the photo sessions and places. Now it’s time to talk about people.
As you probably noticed, this season I very often photographed Gypsy Cobs. Do you wonder why? Well, let me introduce to you a very special person – Katie Słupska, owner of the Centre Babin near Legnica, one of the most crazy woman I know. We contacted via the Internet and we tried to arrange a photo session for the first time in last autumn, but we didn’t manage.

Gypsy Cob stallions among poppies

Once again, she wrote me in June, sending a picture of blooming poppies’ field, which took my breath away. “Did you already take pictures in poppies this year?” – she asked. I didn’t. So even though her message found me in Nowy Targ and Legnica wasn’t really on the way to Warsaw, I didn’t think long. The next day I was already with her. Wake up at 3 am, loading horses into trailers, fencing a piece of field – wasn’t easy. However, pictures of her great piebald stallions in the fairytale landscape, thoroughly compensated the effort.

Gypsy Cob stallion galloping through the poppies' field

Just before I left, she showed me a waterfall on a small river, saying – next time we will act here. It was tempting, though even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that the horses will come into the water so near the waterfall. It turned out, however, these Gypsy Cobs will enter everywhere with her. In addition, stoically, like their owner, they endured the deafening roar of falling water, and the result once again proved to be excellent.

Gypsy Cob by the waterfall
Gypsy Cob stallion by the waterfall

Two days later, there was another photo session in the kaolin mine in Nowogodziec. Still full of energy, Katie brought her stallions at the extraordinary beautiful white sands, and as usual, horses didn’t disappoint hopes pinned on them. During this session we hosted  the German photographer Christiane Slawik, but this is a topic for a separate post.

Gypsy Cob stallions on the white sand

It seemed to me that this year I had already exhausted the limit for Gypsy Cobs’ images. I was wrong. In early August, I received another picture, this time, with sunflowers’  fields, as well as a new message: “have you already taken pictures in sunflowers’ fields?” Although I had planned a trip to Masurian Lake District, I decided that this opportunity may not repeat soon, so instead of Olsztyn, once again I took direction to  Legnica. I am so glad, that it can be accessible now by the motorway … Unfortunately hole in the trailer interfered with our plans this time and I didn’t manage to do everything we had planned, but anyway after seeing the pictures, I decided that it was worth it. Because sessions with Katie are always worth the time spent regardless of any adversity!

Gypsy Con mare among sunflowers

As you can see, she’s a person who would lay down in traffic for you. She has a hundred ideas a minute and immediately proceed to their implementation. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with her, figuratively and literally. However it’s because of such people that I meet on my way, the most beautiful pictures have been created, and each session is an adventure. Thank you Katie!

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