Andalusian chesnut stallion trotting in field with flowers with mountains in background in Spain

Hello word!

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Welcome my dear friends and all horses and photography lovers!

I would like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I was born in Cracow, where I spent my childhood and youth, I learnt horse riding, I studied French philology and journalism. Afterwards I moved to Warsaw, where I studied in Warsaw School of Photography, established by Marian Schmidt and where I live with my husband and daughter. In meantime I planned to settle down in Bieszczady mountains, where I used to work in summer as a riding-master. I didn’t manage to realize these plans but who knows… Maybe one day I will try to make this dream reality too 🙂 If I mention Bieszczady mountains it’s not casual. This is the place where I met a lot of great people who greatly influenced me and thanks to whom, today I can do in my life what I love the most – to photograph horses. That’s where I first consciously took a camera, delighted with exceptional beauty of this land, I could admire from the horseback. Soon these are horses, which have always been my greatest love, become main subject of my photographs.

I can hardly belive that twenty years have passed from the time I started to travel with my camera in Poland and abroad. On this blog, I would like to take you with me to new picturesque places, I discover each year. I will make you know exceptional horses which are my models as well as great people I have the pleasure to work with.

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