Young woman standing with her unicorn in winter scenery

New Year’s gift

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New Year’s gift

I often hear people saying: You have a nice job – you travel around the world, take pictures, it’s such an easy way of life. Reality doesn’t always look so rosy, the photographer’s work also has many disadvantages, of which hardly anyone but other photographers realize. When a bad day comes, doubts arise and the question returns whether it is worth it or not. Maybe it would be a better idea to change profession, etc.

But then, in spite of all the adversities of fate, you manage to leave for a photo session and THIS day comes. Fresh snow fell, covered fields, dusted branches of trees and tall grasses – turned the world into the winter wonderland. You are so lucky that exactly  this day, you have an appointment with the owners of grey Andalusian in a beautiful place, and furthermore, after a dark and foggy morning, the sun goes out in the middle of the photo session. The conditions are unique, you waited for it all the winter, what’s why you work like a crazy from 7 am to 3 pm, it means practically to the sunset at this time of the year, ignoring the cold, frozen hands, rolling in cold snow to take the best shot.

You come back home, open the computer, browse the material and … open your eyes wide with delight. You already know that you will never ever give up, that you will fight to the end, because what you love the most in the world is to create such images. The images you carry hidden deep in your heart and which await the right moment to materialize. When finally this moment comes, you’re the happiest person in the world. And you know that this photographs will give you strength and will to fight for the next days and months.

I invite you to see some photos from my last photo session with amazing grey Andalusian Naranjito!

Grey Andalusian standing among grass covered with snow
Portrait of grey Andalusian in winter scenery
White unicorn in winter scenery
Grey Andalusian standing against winter forest

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