Herd of horses galloping at sunset by the lake

Autumn in Masurian Lake District

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I think all photographer do his best to find himself in the right time in the right place. That’s that makes the photo trip successful. Although each time I start thinking about it already when I plan the session, these moments, I call magic, aren’t really frequent. Usually it is a morning or an evening, when not only I find myself in the right time in the right place, but also all seems to advance me. The light is beautiful, horses are posing themselves in front of my camera and interesting situations happens one after the other.

Horse in the field in misty autumn morning

This was exactly what happened during my autumn photo trip to Masurian Lake District. Usually I visit this region in summer to take advantage of possibilities to use water in photo sessions. This time I decided to come back there in October and it resulted to be a great choice! Really cold high-pressure zone from the East made me find my down jacket and winter boots, and I started the morning by removing a thick layer of hoarfrost from my windscreen. However, when I reached the place at sunrise and I found horses on the wide fields, I was speechless with delight. The ground frost painted the whole landscape white, remaining about winter which was approaching and the mist floated above the ground. A herd of horses was posing me in this beautiful scenery – horses wreathed in the clouds of their breaths as well as in the steam rising from their croups. All this illuminated by first rays of rising sun…

Herd of horses at sunrise in a misty autumn morningHorses portrait at sunrise in a misty morning

In the moments like this, I confirm myself in my belief to have the greatest work in the world. What’s why I was extremely surprised by the question, which a lady working in the pension asked me, when I returned: “Doesn’t this bother you to freeze so much during your photo sessions? “But she will even more surprised that I was, when I answered her: “No, I don’t care it at all! I love it!”

Piebald horse in the misty morning in autumn

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