Horses trotting on the beach at sunset

Photo session on the Baltic seaside

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There are so many things I love about my job… One of them is this great feeling, this thrill of emotion, when my wildest dreams come true. That was what I was thinking in one sunny Sunday afternoon in September, while driving on the quad at breakneck speed, following a herd of horses which were galloping towards the beach.

Stado koni stojące na plaży patrzące na morze

The photo session at the seaside is, typically, one of the biggest dream and challenge of each equine photographer. It’s enough complicated to let one horse run on the beach, to make him take a bath, gallop and then to catch him. The photo session with a herd of horses seems as wild as seems not even remotely possible. However, since I saw a film about wild horses leaving free on the beach at the other end of the world, I couldn’t stop thinking of it. Especially because several times I had opportunity to convince myself, that almost all ideas can be realized. It’s only the question of finding right place, horses and people.

Also this time it proved to be true. For our session we chose one weekend of September. Although it was a typical summer-time weather, the beach was almost deserted. This is what we expected. The sun was setting down, when we arrived to the beach. I can hardly imagine most beautiful background for my photo session. Beach, magic light of “golden hour” and the greatest models – horses. One hour and a half passed like a whip shot. I was taking photos like in a trance, trying to catch each of these wonderful moments: first meeting with “big water” (horses have never seen the sea before), their joyful almost synchronic rolling, gallop at the seaside in the last rays of setting sun… On the way back, when the emotions started to fall, prevailed joy and satisfaction with the fulfilment of another dream, which stayed with me many following days. In the meantime somewhere in my mind, started to grow ideas for new photo sessions…

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