Piebald Tinker gelding galloping on the beach at sunrise

Photo session on the beach

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The 30th of October, I finally met seven riders and their horses – piebald gypsy cobs, on the beach of Gdańsk. We postponed it three times in the anticipation of a good weather forecast…! However, so long awaited sunrise was far different from our expectations – at seven o’clock in the morning heavy grey clouds were hiding all the sky and one could feel a fine drizzle in the air. That seemed that the autumn was showing us its worst and saddest face. Even in the most optimistic anticipations, we haden’t expected, that only one hour later, we would experience great sunny weather you can see on the movie:

One of the most awaited photo sessions this year, turned out to be a full success – the sun didn’t let us down, gypsy cobs came up trumps galloping on the beach as if they posed in front of camera all their life and perfectly knew what I was expecting of them. I can hardly imagine better autumn season finale. I would like to thank to all participants for washing and grooming horses as well as for arriving to the beach at first light! You can already see photos from this photo session in the gallery TINKERS.

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