Sweet France

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October and November this year are extremely sad, cloudy and rainy. I think, therefore, that you won’t mind if I take you with me to sunny France.

I already began to plan this September expedition in March. The main purpose was of course the Camargue,  “must visit” for every equine photographer. However I also wanted to see a bit more of France, and by the way, of Spain too, considering that I flew to Barcelona and I came back from there.

Flamingos in Camargue at sunrise
Herd of Camargue horses galloping through the water

Fortunately, contrary to the forecasts, we couldn’t complain about the lack of the sun, because it was impossible not to get wet, wading in the water. At least it was warm, so I managed to avoid pneumonia. Mosquitoes have also shown us  forbearance – I expected it to be worse. Egija Labanowski who organized the workshop took care to provide us with the diversity of sceneries and themes. Unfortunately, despite the best intentions, one can’t always  predict everything.  Expected by everyone the spectacle performed by stallions, didn’t happen, because the boys, actually, on that particular day, were  in a very friendly mood. However, despite the minor setbacks large group of participants had no reason to complain.

White stallions in Camargue playing at sunrise
White stallions in Camargue playing at sunrise

In addition to the horses at liberty, we also had the opportunity to photograph the horsewomen in beautiful traditional costumes and a model wearing a magnificent ruby dress. Manon dedication was indeed admirable, because during this session not only the sun went down, jumped up too cold, piercing wind. Nevertheless, Manon posed to the very end with a beaming smile on her carmine lips. Chapeau bas ma Chère!

Portrait of a horsewoman with white horses
Girl in red dress with a white horse on the beach

The second lap of the trip was the mountainous region of Ardeche. This is the place I fell in love with at first sight when I found it in Web. To go there I even changed the  reservation of my already bought plane ticket. It resulted I was right! Imported by the owner from  Canada American Paint Horses have at their disposal very vast mountainous area, and the views are literally breathtaking. In the heart of Europe you can feel like in the Wild West. Weather we had this time was not very pleasant, but the warmth and hospitality of the hosts rewarded with interest shortage of the sun. It’s indeed the perfect excuse to come here again…

APH mare with foal in French mountains
APH mare with foal in French mountains at sunrise

On the way back I visited Andalusians stud near Barcelona located in a very charming place. Unfortunately, it turned out that one day is way too short to take advantage of all the advantages of this place, so I left with some wanting. Next year I will certainly make up for it.

Portrait of a bay Andalusian stallion
Grey Andalusian stallion trotting on the sand

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