Woman rising on a black Andalusian stallion on the beach

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Spain and its equestrian tradition fascinated me long before I first came to the Iberian Peninsula. It is difficult to find anywhere in the world more beautiful horses and more elegant riders. The passion with which Spaniards breed horses, their love for their land, attention to the smallest item of clothing, enchant me at each visit. I invite you to ...
Rider on Andalusian stallion with flamenco dancer

Photography Trip to Andalusia

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Do you remember Curro Jimenez movie? If as a child, I didn't miss any episode, it wasn't either because of story line or because of the hero, as you can think out, but because of horses he was ridden. That was when I first saw Andalusian horses. When admiring these delightful creatures on the silver screen, I couldn't even dream, ...