Haflingers playing in winter in the mountains

New winter photos

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Early spring means  less trips and more time, so it's a great opportunity to update the website. This winter turned out to be extremely successful, although at first there were no signs that it would come at all. From two wonderful trips to the Tatra and Bieszczady Mountains, I brought a lot of pictures. Some of them you can already ...
Gypsy Cob mare galloping among sunflowers at sunset

New Tinkers photos

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 After a long break, caused by multiples trips, finally I was able to add some new TINKERS photos. I must say this summer was really marked by this breed. Do you wonder why? What’s because of Katarzyna Słupska from Ośrodek Babin – a woman full of energie and new ideas. Almost always a simple message from her ruins all my earlier …

Woman rising on a black Andalusian stallion on the beach

New photos

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Spain and its equestrian tradition fascinated me long before I first came to the Iberian Peninsula. It is difficult to find anywhere in the world more beautiful horses and more elegant riders. The passion with which Spaniards breed horses, their love for their land, attention to the smallest item of clothing, enchant me at each visit. I invite you to ...
Andalusian stallion galloping on the sand against trees

New Andalusians photos

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This year in spring I had a chance to visit Andalucia twice. I met my old good friends, discovered new beautiful places and wonderful horses. I returned full of impressions and great memories, even more in loved, if it is possible, with this amazing region of Spain. You can now find some of photos I made there in gallery ANDALUSIANS. ...