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This year’s trip to Andalusia didn’t leave a great memory. Cold weather, incessant rain, the struggle for every ray of sunshine – these are not things that I dream of setting off to Spain in the spring. As a consolation, I can only cite the most frequently repeated this year by the Spanish sentence: “eso no suele pasar” (“it doesn’t happen”). Which means that most likely, next year I will have more luck…

The good side of this moody aura were extremely picturesque clouds, which in a normal, sunny weather I wouldn’t have had the chance to photograph. They have added really dramatic look to the flamenco session in one of my favorite places – Yeguada la Yedra and to the sunset session at Yeguada El Romerito.

Flamenco dancer and doma vaquera riders in Spanish mountains
Rider ridding an Andalusian stallion

Luckily the weather was great in Carmona, where admittedly we didn’t have time to do photos in a nearby poppies’  field (maybe next year – Juan Carlos I count on it!). But considering how phenomenally presented grey stallions of the Yeguada Algaida in the last rays of the setting sun, it’s really hard to complain.

Andalusian stallion galloping in the dust at sunset

Later, it was unfortunately getting worse and worse. After the evening session in the saddle with charming Chari in El Corredor Verde, a stunning place sinking in daisies, the weather broke for good. The morning got up already cloudy, and when we were looking for horses with Chari, our all-terrain vehicle fell into a hole, which buried the chances of any photo session. We had to find solution to extract the car.

Woman portrait at sunset
The all terrain in the hole

The next stop on the tour was the stud picturesquely situated among the hills of Pozoblanco. Hence, I kept mostly memories of uniformly babbling rain, crackling fire in the fireplace and the overwhelming smell of herbs, when in the interval between one and another downpour the owner took me for a ride on the mountain pastures.

A house in Spanish mountains

The “must have!” even in spring in Spanish mountains:

Grey Andalusian stallion in spring

On the way to my good friends in Torrecampo I was full of hope. I remembered very well red poppies meadows, I saw on the pictures. Last year, I arrived too late, poppies already overblown, I hoped that this time we would succeed. Pasture actually turned out to be very colorful, but the weather failed on the whole. On the first day I tried yet, in spite of the clouds and cold wind impulses, photograph mares and foals, the other one could no longer even leave the house. When in the evening finally stopped raining and we decided to do a quick flamenco session, models had to apply for it in galoshes. Fortunately, that grass and flowers in the meadow were high … Certainly I won’t forget the coldest barbecue I’ve ever experienced. There were no way to get warm – nothing helped – neither clothes nor hot Spanish rhythms which accompanied us, my theet still were chattering with the cold.

Gitanas with Andalusian stallion

Unfortunately, the forecasts were not even a little bit more optimistic for the next two days. So I was forced to cancel further sessions, and the time remaining to the end of my stay, I spent visiting Malaga in the rain (Nico thank you for your hospitality!).

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